About Cast Iron Radiators Ltd

winners of the queens award for enterpriseAt Cast Iron Radiators Ltd, we have been manufacturing and restoring traditional Cast Iron Radiators for over 10 years. In 18 different countries, thousands of satisfied customers have received radiators delivered from our factory in the UK.

Cast Iron RadiatorsOur journey started with the restoration of an old building by the founder of our company. As part of the restoration, beautiful original Princess Cast Iron Radiators were removed from an old mansion in the North of England with the intention of being sold for scrap. However, their true worth was recognised and they were subsequently test under pressure, lovingly restored and painted. Since then, we have revived thousands of original models and assembled many more with castings from the best foundries in the world.

The assembly of all our radiators is carried out in one of our two factories in Scarborough England. The painting, polishing, highlight finishing, pressure testing and many other procedures are also all carried out by ourselves, in-house.

In 2018, our passion for Cast Iron Radiators was recognised at the highest level and we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. The Queens Award is the highest honour for British business and we continue to take a leadership role in the manufacture and restoration of Cast Iron Radiators.

Cast Iron Radiators are Winners of the Queens award for enterprise